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Crohn’s and MS breakthrough

24 Feb 2004
Medical News Today

There is a new drug called Antegren which seems to be effective against Crohn’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

Producers of the drug say that they are in the final stages of their clinical trials.

They say the new drug should be on the market next year.

The drug works by blocking the cells which are responsible for inflammation. It fights the symptoms of auto-immune disease.

In Multiple Sclerosis molecules on immune cells direct them to certain areas. This causes chronic inflammation. The same happens with Crohn’s disease.

Antegren stops this from happening. It stops the molecules from reaching their destinations in the gut (and also the brain).

In the trials the drug, Antegren, was 30% more effective than a placebo. The same percentage improvement was found with both MS and Crohn’s disease patients.

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