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Interferons in relapsing remitting MS: a systematic review comments on a meta-analysis

Int MS J. 2003 Dec;10(4):134-5
Clanet M, Cucheratt M.
Service de Neurologie, CHU Toulouse Purpan, Toulouse, France.

The multiple sclerosis (MS) community read recently, with some surprise, the conclusions from a systematic review of the major therapeutic recombinant interferon trials in relapsing-remitting (RR)MS.

The review stated that: 'their (recombinant interferons) clinical effect beyond 1 year is uncertain and new trials are needed to assess their long-term effectiveness.'.

If neurologists agree that these compounds have a moderate effect, but that the effect needs to be confirmed in long-term (5-10 year) trials, patients and their doctors deserve an explanation rather than a damning statement.