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The prospects for neuroprotection in MS

Int MS J. 2003 Dec;10(4):103-5
Hohlfeld R.

In the past, neuroprotective therapies were mostly explored in neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, and in ischaemic stroke.

More recently, however, neuroprotection has been proclaimed an important goal for multiple sclerosis (MS) therapy.

The basis for widening the scope of neuroprotection is evidence that neuronal and axonal injury are key features of MS lesions.

In contrast with degenerative and ischaemic central nervous system injury, however, neurodegeneration in MS appears to be caused by an inflammatory, presumably autoimmune, process.

The challenge for neuroprotection in MS is therefore greater than in degenerative and ischaemic disorders, because MS requires the combination of neuroprotective therapy and effective immunomodulation.