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Growth Factors, Neural Stem Cells, Oligodendrocytes and Remyelination

Bull Mem Acad R Med Belg. 2003;158(5-6):269-76
Rogister B.
Centre de Neurobiologie cellulaire et moleculaire, Service de Neurologie, U.Lg.

Up to now, there is no therapy in order to stimulate a remyelination in the adult central nervous system.

So, the study the ontogenesis of oligodendrocytes at the cellular and molecular level could provide cues in order to design such a treatment that will be efficient to remyelinate patients after a multiple sclerosis relapse.

In our work, we demonstrated that both neurotransmitters acting trough ionotropic receptors, expressed by oligodendrocytes precursors and some members of the neuregulin growth factors family, could modulate the proliferation and the differentiation of oligodendrocytes progenitors.

Furthermore, we demonstrated that the graft of neural stem cells in experimental demyelinated lesion in adult animals is responsible for an efficient remyelination.