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Acute aphasia in multiple sclerosis: A multicenter study of 22 patients

Neurology. 2004 Mar 23;62(6):974-7
Lacour A, De Seze J, Revenco E, Lebrun C, Masmoudi K, Vidry E, Rumbach L, Chatel M, Verier A, Vermersch P.
Department of Neurology, University of Lille, University of Besancon, Lille Cedex, France.

Aphasia is usually considered to be rare in multiple sclerosis (MS).

To determine the clinical and radiologic characteristics of MS patients with acute aphasia, the authors investigated data from 2,700 patients from three MS centers and found 22 patients with acute aphasia (0.81%).

Aphasia was the first clinical manifestation of MS in eight patients (36%).

Brain MRI showed giant plaques in eight cases (40%).

A full recovery was observed in 14 patients (64%).

Furthermore, acute aphasia did not appear to be a criterion for poor prognosis.