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Life Planning and Independence

March, 2004
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society


The use of any type of mobility device is often viewed as the hallmark of disability, the ultimate sign of defeat. Viewed from a different perspective, however, canes, walkers, motorized scooters, and wheelchairs help people live active lives. They promote independence, conserve energy, and generally make life easier.
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Most gait problems can be helped to some extent by physical therapy, by the use of appropriate assistive devices and, in some cases, by medications.

Gait and balance problems may be affected by other MS symptoms, including: To help manage these and other symptoms, view our brochures on 'Managing Specific Issues'

Staying Healthy, Staying Mobile

Regular, moderate physical exercise is good for body, mind, and spirit. Exercise builds a reserve of muscle strength and cardiovascular function. Then, if an attack of MS calls for a time-out, the reserve is available.
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  • Preventive Care



    Study Examines Relationship Between Mobility And Use Of Preventive Health Services By Women With MS

    Preventive Care Recommendations for Adults with MS: The Basic Facts

  • Aquatics



    Aqua exercise lets people with MS move in ways that their disability might not otherwise allow.

    Aquatics: An overview

    Walking in Water

  • Stretching



    Help improve or maintain strength, flexibility, and balance, and encourage a meditative mental state with adaptive tai chi and yoga.

    These illustrated manuals provide basic range-of-motion, stretching, and balance exercises for at-home program.

    For People with MS
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    With a Helper for People with MS
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    The National MS Society can provide local referrals to private and group instruction in a wide variety of sports activities and exercise programs, modified for people with MS.


    For many Americans, the automobile is a primary source of independence. Explore the impact of MS on driving, as well as options and resources for people who want to continue driving safely.

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