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Intimacy and Sexuality with Multiple Sclerosis

In honor of National MS Education & Awareness Month, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF) is pleased to announce the release of its latest publication

March, 2004
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

Intimacy and Sexuality with Multiple Sclerosis is a comprehensive, easy-to-read booklet that candidly addresses the sexual concerns of individuals living with MS. Frederick W. Foley, Ph.D., Director of Neuropsychology and Psychosocial Research at Bernard Gimbel Comprehensive MS Center in Teaneck, New Jersey, provides practical answers and empowering solutions.

If you would like to request a copy or copies of this booklet, call 1-888-MSFOCUS (673-6287) or visit our website at and click on 'booklets & brochures' (under the 'Publications' heading) on the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

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