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Woman Wins MS Award

March 28, 2004
Dana Rebik

A local woman battling multiple sclerosis is being recognized for her amazing efforts to reach out to others with the disease.

Kathleen Wilson recently won the Decade of Achievement in MS Award from the Betaseron Champions of Courage.  Wilson won the award for her work in the MS community and for creating, the largest online support web site for people with MS.

Wilson was first diagnosed in 1988, then went into a six year remission.  It wasn't until 1995 that she began to have a recurrence.  "My hand was numb and then it spread to my ankle and my entire right side.  Before I knew it I wasn't taking pictures, my entire routine was changing."

Until she turned to her computer.  "I knew very quickly that going online brought the world to me.  This is what needs to happen, we need to belong and be connected," says Wilson.

Wilson, along with the help of a friend, built her web site from the ground up.  It started with only six people in the first chat session.  Now more than 20,000 people log on a day.

Wilson is one of 15 people nationwide to win the Decade Achievement Award.  Now, she says she has created a new venture.  She has just started the Vision Works Foundation.  The Foundation will offer local support groups in communities around the country.

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