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Living life to the fullest - Area woman shares experiences of living with multiple sclerosis

Tuesday, March 04, 2003
By Karen Faley

Wednesday was a good day for Vikki Freeman. Two days prior, she had put away her walker and was getting around on her own two feet.

She was recovering from an episode of multiple sclerosis (MS), she said. An episode is when the symptoms of the disease flare up.

When the symptoms are dormant, she is in remission, she explained.

Freeman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 12 years ago.

It took 10 years for doctors to correctly diagnose the disease, because MS symptoms parallel a lot of other medical conditions or diseases, she said.

Her husband, Granville Jr., who was a master sergeant in the Air Force, was stationed in Minot, N.D., when she finally had the name "multiple sclerosis" to fit her symptoms.

Along with the stress of finding out she had the disease came the stress from being away from family support and having a husband who was often deployed, she said.

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