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National Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Multiple Sclerosis in Primary and Secondary Care in the National Health Service

12 March 2003

As well as delivering a verdict on the disease-modifying drug therapies for MS, NICE (the National Institute for Clinical Evidence) also produces Guidelines and in 2000 was asked to consider the management of MS.

The guideline development process has involved searching through and evaluating in a systematic manner the published evidence on the treatment of MS. Where there is no evidence, experts have made provisional guideline recommendations on the basis of consensus.

The MS Trust has been a stakeholder in the process so far and submitted a document based on the comments of a number of people personally affected by MS in response to the first draft of the guidelines

The revised draft of the guidelines - the full Guideline, NICE guideline and Information for the Public are now available on the NICE website at for public consultation.

The consultation period will be until 7 April 2003.

Please email your comments to using the proforma on the NICE website. Please do not send your comments for NICE to the MS Trust.

If you are unable to email comments, you can post the proforma to:
Guidelines - Multiple Sclerosis
National Institute for Clinical Excellence
11 Strand

or fax them to 020 7968 2763

The final consultation draft of the guideline and comments received will be considered by NICE’s Guideline Review Panel. The final guideline is due to be issued in June 2003.

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