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Chiron drug gets new status

17th March, 2003, 1:01 PM PST Monday

Emeryville-based Chiron Corp. and Berlex Laboratories Inc. said the Food and Drug Administration approved new labeling for their multiple sclerosis treatment Betaseron.

The new labeling includes revisions to the clinical studies section to include data from two studies conducted in patients with secondary progressive MS. In addition, the indication section has been revised to now reflect that Betaseron is indicated for the treatment of relapsing forms of MS.

Relapses are repeat attacks during which new symptoms appear or existing symptoms worsen, followed by periods of recovery. Relapsing forms of MS include relapsing-remitting, the most common form, and secondary progressive MS with relapses.

Betaseron is manufactured by Chiron and sold in the United States and Canada by Berlex, of Montville, N.J.

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