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Is long-suffering manís wait over?

09:48 Wednesday 5th March 2003

WHEN cracks began appearing in the walls of Ken Rixon's home, he called in his landlord.

Now, nearly a year later, the plaster has begun falling off the walls in lumps as the cracks get bigger, but still nothing has been done.

Mr Rixon's home, in Elmsted Crescent, Welling, is owned by housing association London and Quadrant (L&Q), which started investigating the problem in April last year.

It employed a specialist subsidence consultant and a drainage expert to find the cause of the problem.

"They even sent a camera into the drains and showed us the film. They told us they had discovered the problem," Mr Rixon, 46, told News Shopper.

The full-time carer to his wife, Margaret, who has multiple sclerosis, then waited for the workmen to arrive. He waited and he waited.

When 2003 arrived and still nothing had been done, Mr Rixon went back to L&Q and says he was assured the work would start within six weeks.

Six weeks came and went still no sign of any workmen.

Mr Rixon ran out of patience when one morning he found the stairs littered with lumps of plaster which had fallen from the walls in the night.

Clearly worried about his wife, he said: "She is now very unsteady on her feet and I am frightened about plaster falling on her when she is on the stairs."

A spokesman for L&Q said extensive investigations had been carried out at Mr Rixon's home and the association had put the work out to tender.

"The tenders are due back on Friday and we hope to be able to start work within two weeks of that date," he said.

"We know there is a problem and we have spoken to the Rixons to explain what is going on," he added.

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