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Water Cove Charitable Foundation Contributes $50,000 to Boston Cure Project For Multiple Sclerosis: Offers to Match Other Contributions

Tuesday February 25, 8:06 am ET
Source: The Boston Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis

The Boston Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) announced the Water Cove Charitable Foundation has pledged $50,000 to the Boston Cure Project and will match any contributions and those exceeding what a contributor gave in 2002, totaling up to an additional $50,000. The generous matching offer runs from January 1-April 30, 2003.

Art Mellor, CEO and co-founder of the Boston Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis said, "We are extremely grateful to the Water Cove Charitable Foundation for its continued support of the Boston Cure Project. "The generous Water Cove contribution and matching program will greatly help us implement our 'Cure Map,' or plan, to cure Multiple Sclerosis." Mellor added, "There has never been a better time than now to contribute."

The Trustees of the Water Cove Foundation, who wish to remain anonymous, issued the following statement: "Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating disease we hope is cured in our lifetimes. We're extremely pleased to assist the Boston Cure Project in its efforts to determine the causes of MS that lead to a cure."

Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is a chronic neuro-degenerative disorder of the central nervous system affecting over 400,000 people in the US and 2 million individuals worldwide. MS often results in severe disability including the inability to walk, blindness, cognitive dysfunction, bladder and bowel problems, extreme fatigue and other serious side effects.

About Boston Cure Project for MS

The Boston Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to curing MS by determining its causes. Focused primarily on accelerating the pace of MS breakthroughs, the Boston Cure Project seeks to remove obstacles to investigating the causes of MS and encourages collaboration between research organizations and clinicians. It is developing a "Cure Map," a systematic plan of research into the causes of MS, and is implementing a Multi-disciplinary Blood, Tissue and Data Bank to accelerate the search for environmental and genetic factors in MS. For more information about the Boston Cure Project or to make a corporate or individual contribution, call 781/788-0880, or visit

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