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Multiple Sclerosis: Flower Bulbs in Town Squares for Research

Mar 15, 2003
Rome, Italy

Flowers in exchange for research. "Flowersintown" is coming back into Italian city centres. This is the show of solidarity in support of scientific research on multiple sclerosis, supported by AISM, the Italian Association for Multiple Sclerosis and by its Foundation (FISM).

In fact, in 2,000 Italian squares Dutch arum lily bulbs for different coloured flowers (red, pink, yellow and orange) will be handed to people who make a contribution for research into the disease. Massimo Giletti is the person in the advert for "Flowersintown" this year.

Multiple Sclerosis is a serious pathology affecting the central nervous system and it is still not known what causes it. It affects three million people around the world, 400,000 of whom are in Europe. 50,000 of them are in Italy and there are 1,800 new cases, especially among young adults between 20 and 30 years old. Sardinia, where one in 700 has MS, is the most affected.

Women are more likely to get it than men, double the number of women compared to the number of men. The most effective treatment is interferon together with beta 1B which reduces relapses and remissions, the frequency and the intensity of the attacks, slowing down the disability's progression. Professor Mario Alberto Battaglia, president of AISM and FISM said, "The objective in 2003 is to raise at least a million euro for research and for bursaries".

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