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Great Strides

March 17, 2002
By Suzi Drake
Star-News Correspondent

Six years ago, Country Club of Landfall’s fitness director, Amy McCauley, learned her mother, Kate Latimer, had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an often fatal disease that causes deterioration and breakdown of the central nervous system.

And for the past six years, she has stood strong by her mother, offering love and support.  While constant medication has helped to maintain her mothers’ quality of life, to date there is no cure for her condition.  Mrs. McCauley could no longer stand idly by; she wanted to make her own contribution toward finding a cure.

“I just thought how I could make the biggest contribution,” Mrs. McCauley said.

By calling on what she knows best – fitness – her fund-raising effort was a success.

“With the help of the Landfall Foundation and the support of a lot of the members, last September I organized the CCL First Annual Walk/Run inside Landfall hoping to raise as much money as I could,” Mrs. McCauley said.  “I was able to round up 133 participants and raise $14,000 in one month for MS research.”

Rightfully impressed by Mrs. McCauley’s fund-raising ability and enthusiasm for the cause, National MS Society-Eastern North Carolina President Robin Boettcher contacted her to coordinate this year’s annual Wilmington MS Walk at Greenfield Lake.  She eagerly took on the task.

“I have spent the last couple months distributing brochures to over 75 sites, and scouring the community to lineup corporate sponsors and securing volunteers to help on the day of the MS Walk,” Mrs. McCauley said.

In past years, the 5-mile charity walk at Greenfield Lake has drawn as many as 150 walkers, most of whom have been touched personally by MS and its effects.

“It is really neat to see all of the different people who come together to do the walk,” Mrs. McCauley said.  “Of those with MS, some are older and some are young, some are doing really well and other not so well; but on that day, everyone’s energy level is really high.”

Mrs. McCauley is anticipating this year’s MS Walk, April 13, will draw in excess of 200 participants with each raising an average of $150.  This could mean another $30,000 for MS research.

“The best part about being involved in the search for a cure is how appreciated my mom is,” Mrs. McCauley said.  “I just want her to know that I care as much as I do.”

Mrs. McCauley has been asked to head a Wilmington 5K walk benefiting Breast Cancer research, to be held inside Landfall on Sept. 29.  She also is looking forward to making the CCL Annual Walk/Run a regular event benefiting a different cause each year.

“What I have learned most is there is a lot of great people in Wilmington,” Mrs. McCauley said.  “Businesses and community members alike, all you have to do is ask and they are more than willing to lend a hand.”


THE WALK: To join in the walk, contact the MS Society at (800) 344-4867 or log on to  for more information.

FROM THE SIDELINES: To volunteer the day of the walk, handing out water at the mile markers and helping with registration.

DETAILS:  Amy McCauley at 256-7621 ext. 255.

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