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Catalyst On-line Contributes to the Development of a New Web Site for People Affected by Multiple Sclerosis

MSActiveSource Targets All Those Affected by MS

Thursday March 29  8:01am
Source: PR Newswire

BROOKLINE, Mass., March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Catalyst on-line, a female owned interactive marketing and advertising agency, announces the launch of MSActiveSource, a website for all people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). Catalyst on-line worked with Biogen, Inc., the sponsor of the site, to advertise the website and optimize its reach to people living with MS. Catalyst also partnered with Braun Consulting, a leading professional services firm that developed the site, to create an integrated marketing and advertising strategy, leveraging both on-line and off-line promotional channels to drive traffic to the site.

MSActiveSource is a comprehensive Internet site for people living with MS, their caregivers and healthcare professionals. The new site offers personalized support and in-depth information to help people with MS better understand and manage the physical and emotional challenges of MS. Registrants on the site are provided a broad selection of resources, including disease information, comprehensive news, community, and the latest research studies that are improving doctors' understanding of MS.

"Catalyst on-line is proud to have been a part of launching such an important website. Our on-line campaign strives to reach those affected by MS and give them the information they need to make decisions to manage the disease," said Heather Frahm, spokesperson for Catalyst on-line. "The launch of MSActiveSource is the beginning of a comprehensive effort to reach those people through the Internet."

MSActiveSource is composed of several one-of-a-kind elements, including the MS Learning System(TM), an interactive multi-media learning tool that takes people with MS and their families through a series of educational modules to help them better understand and cope with the disease. The site also hosts an "Ask the Expert" column, featuring leading neurologists specializing in MS treatment and articles designed to help people with MS better understand and manage their disease. The MS News section of the site is updated daily with articles from a syndicated network of nearly 3,000 publications. In addition, the site can be personalized to meet the individual needs and interests of the user, while ensuring user confidentiality.

Catalyst on-line has also developed an Internet advertising campaign for the enhanced site for people taking Avonex(R) (interferon beta-1a), the leading treatment for multiple sclerosis worldwide. The improved incorporates the personalized information and customizable features of MSActiveSource.

Catalyst on-line is dedicated to helping companies in the healthcare industry utilize the power of the Internet to meet their strategic marketing needs. In addition to on-line advertising, its services include search engine optimization, website and creative development. Catalyst on-line also produces PulsePoint, a monthly newsletter that provides the latest updates and trends in Internet healthcare. Catalyst on-line's clients include Biogen, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Pharmacia and Aetna-InteliHealth.

Source: Catalyst on-line
Contact: Jen Harding of Catalyst on-line, 617-731-4442