Multiple Sclerosis News for March 2000

31st March 2000:    Brain Atrophy/MS Progression

30th March 2000:    Q & A on Zanaflex

30th March 2000:    Critique of Oregon Report (PAS)

30th March 2000:    Job Hunting with Disability

30th March 2000:    Human Genome Project

30th March 2000:    Update/Patients' Rights Bill

30th March 2000:    Working/Second Article

29th March 2000:    MS Research/Montreal Neurological Institute

29th March 2000:    Tommy Hilfiger/Race to Erase MS

28th March 2000:    UK/Beta Interferon

28th March 2000:    Generic Alpha or Beta Interferon

27th March 2000:    Webcast on MS Research

25th March 2000:    Swivel for Wheelchair

25th March 2000:    More On Rebif PRISMS Study

24th March 2000:    Responses to Short- and Long-Term Interferon Differ

24th March 2000:    Propulsid Alert

23rd March 2000:    Rebif Study/Dose-Related Effect

23rd March 2000:    In Vitro Generation of Stem Cells

22nd March 2000:   PWMS Photographed Historical Treasures

22nd March 2000:   Genetic Discovery

22nd March 2000:   Ellison: Stem Cell Transplant

21st March 2000:    PT - Trade Wheelchairs for Walkers

21st March 2000:    Surgery for Bladder Dysfunction

21st March 2000:    Fire Again

18th March 2000:   Medical Records Online

18th March 2000:   French Paraplegic Walks

18th March 2000:   Research Reversing Memory Loss

18th March 2000:   PWMS To Test DrugLaw

18th March 2000:   Copaxone Treatment Quantitative MRI Assessment

17th March 2000:   UK: PWMS Cleared of Charges

17th March 2000:   Med MJ: The Good The Bad The Truth

16th March 2000:   Race to Erase MS

16th March 2000:   UK/PWMS/MJ

16th March 2000:   Tight labor market gives the disabled a better chance

13th March 2000:   R. Pryor/Restraining Order/Son

8th March 2000:     UK/Protest/NHS Limit

7th March 2000:     UK MS Patients Protest

7th March 2000:     More On Dexanabinol

7th March 2000:     Mast Cells in MS

7th March 2000:     Clonidine for Neuropathic Pain

7th March 2000:     Dexanabinol

7th March 2000:     Novantrone

6th March 2000:     Copaxone Slows Brain Atrophy

1st March 2000:     Study - MS/Med MJ

1st March 2000:     Aisles Wide Open