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Short breaks and respite care: what, where and how

June, 2004
Multiple Sclerosis Society

Date: 23 June 2004
Time: 11.30am- 1pm

Ask questions about short term breaks and respite services in this expert web chat with the MS Society's Head of Respite Services.

A transcript of the chat will be published here after the event.

Get your questions ready

Vanessa will be waiting to answer all of these and more.

More about the guest

Vanessa Lindsay Smith has worked for the MS society since 1991.

She has extensive practical experience of the delivery of respite care as a previous manager of one the Society's three specialist respite services for people with MS, as well as a broad understanding of the many issues facing people with MS when they are planning respite breaks .

As Head of Respite Care Services she currently heads up the Society's respite team and the work to develop the respite programme.

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