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Proceedings of Nov. 2002 PPMS roundtable meeting

Thursday June 24, 2004
Hollie Schmidt
Boston Cure Project

In November 2002, a number of noted MS scientists met in Houston to discuss current issues in primary progressive MS (PPMS). The proceedings from this meeting have just been published in the journal Multiple Sclerosis. Anyone with an interest in PPMS may want to find a copy of this issue or at least glance at the abstracts.

Most of the articles are reviews of our current knowledge (as of 2002, anyway) of various aspects of PPMS, such as the pathology of PPMS, the contributions of imaging in understanding the disease, and overviews of various drug trials in PPMS. Included after each article is a transcript of the discussion that followed its presentation. These transcripts are interesting in that they give a fuller sense of how the attendees are interpreting the data and what they're interested in pursuing further.

To read the abstracts of these proceedings, click here or go to the Multiple Sclerosis site and click where it says, "To view the online version of Multiple Sclerosis (hosted by please click HERE". Then click on "Volume 10, Supplement 1, 15 June 2004".

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