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Microarray gene expression profiling of chronic active and inactive lesions in multiple sclerosis

Clin Neurol Neurosurg. 2004 Jun;106(3):223-9
Mycko MP, Papoian R, Boschert U, Raine CS, Selmaj KW.
Department of Neurology, Medical University of Lodz, 22, Kopcinskiego Street, 90-153 Lodz, Poland.

Multiple sclerosis, a primary autoimmune disease of the central nervous system has been characterized by the presence of the demyelinating lesions (plaques) in the CNS.

To further understand the gene transcription status of the two most common lesions, chronic active and chronic inactive, we have performed a cDNA microarray analysis of these two lesion type.

Comparative analysis of differential gene expression of chronic active and inactive lesions have confirmed the existence of a significant difference in the transcriptional profiles of these two lesion types in both marginal and central areas.

Different sets of genes were highlighted, including genes of inflammatory characteristics, apoptosis related and stress-induced, indicating their potential role in MS pathogenesis.