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Performance of activities of daily living in multiple sclerosis

Disabil Rehabil. 2004;26(10):576-585
Mansson E, Lexell J.
Department of Rehabilitation Lund University Hospital Lund Sweden.


To assess the performance of activities of daily living (ADL) in individuals with moderate to severe multiple sclerosis (MS).


A total of 12 men and 32 women with MS (Expanded Disability Status Scale, EDSS, 6.0 - 8.5) were studied.

The performance of personal ADL (P-ADL) and instrumental ADL (I-ADL) was assessed with the Functional Independence Measure (FIM) and the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS).


Twenty-four of the 44 individuals were rated dependent in P-ADL by the FIM motor score, mainly due to limitations in some areas of self-care and in transfers and locomotion.

Only three individuals were rated dependent by the FIM cognitive score, indicating no or little cognitive disability.

Two thirds of the individuals who were rated independent/modified independent in P-ADL by the FIM were rated dependent in I-ADL by the AMPS.

Only the FIM motor score was significantly related to the EDSS score, indicating that ADL performance and disease severity is weakly related.


Moderate to severe MS reduces the ability to perform both P-ADL and I-ADL.

An individual with MS can be independent in P-ADL but still unable to perform I-ADL satisfactorily.

Assessments of both P-ADL and I-ADL are advocated to evaluate ADL performance in order to implement appropriate management strategies for individuals with MS.