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MS sufferer angry at fight over parking

May 29, 2003, 10:14:00
Kidderminster Express and Star

A Kidderminster woman suffering from suspected multiple sclerosis says she is unhappy her application for a disabled parking badge has been refused. Samantha Gould, aged 37, of Poplar Road, was given a badge four years ago.

But when she applied for the new permit from Worcestershire County Council she was told she could not have one.

Miss Gould said multiple sclerosis could be a difficult condition to diagnose.

"My condition has not been definitely diagnosed but my doctor is sure I've got it. He is right behind my having a badge. I cannot walk any distance at all and have to be taken everywhere by my mother. It will be very difficult for us to get to the shops now."

She said she endured a three-month wait before any decision was made over her permit application.

Worcestershire County Council physical disabilities team manager Sue Darnbrook said the issuing of badges was determined by Government criteria.

"It was never going to be the case that those who had badges in the past would automatically qualify for a new badge as each application is treated as a new application.

"While we would not normally comment on individual cases, it was decided at Miss Gould's interview that her level of mobility meant she was not eligible for a Blue Badge.

"However, we are aware that new information about Miss Gould's situation has come to light and we have offered her a re-assessment."

Miss Gould's re-assessment will take place in July because the high number of applications which are still to be processed.

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