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It’s hot enough for everyone

Sudburians find their own ways to keep cool

Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 11:00
By Carol Mulligan
The Sudbury Star


Laurie Zuliani has found a novel way of cooling off. She is barn manager at Foothills Farms in Chelmsford, where it was “not even a little bit of fun” working in the extreme heat yesterday afternoon.

Zuliani, 34, and a mother of two young children, has relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, and suffers a great deal from the heat. But, thanks to a “cooling vest” purchased at a Sudbury clothing outlet, she’s able to work.

Otherwise the heat would make her dizzy and chronically fatigued, and she wouldn’t be putting in two or three half days a week at the horse ranch.

Zuliani said she had heard through the MS Society about a cooling vest available out of town for $129.95. But she later found one for about $70, including taxes, at Soucie-Salo Safety Inc. on Lorne Street.

Because of her condition, the price of the vest is income tax deductible as is the cost of the air conditioner that cools her home.

When she first saw the vest, Zuliani said she was skeptical it would work. But after wearing it several days, she believes it’s worth every penny.

“I’m not shivering, but it cools my core body temperature down” so she doesn’t suffer from the heat as much.

The vest, which features a front and back flap, is made of a fibre that absorbs moisture. Zuliani dips it in water and wrings it out before tying it on. If she wants to feel extra cool, she places the wet vest in the refrigerator.

“Of course, your clothes (underneath) get soaked,” she said, but that just adds to the cooling process.


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