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Disabled Parents' Views Will Inform Handbook

Jun 1, 2003
Multiple Sclerosis Society

Disabled Parents Network, a national peer support network, is to produce the first handbook to gather information for disabled parents from a wide range of sources including health and social services, parent education, family welfare, schools and the community.

Funded by the Department of Health, it follows a DPN report on what more than 150 disabled parents had to say about accessing information and support.

As well as informing the handbook content, their views will help service providers and voluntary organisations include disabled parents fully in what they offer, in line with the Disability Discrimination Act.

The DPN says handbooks on rights, benefits and services for disabled people rarely cover parenting while information aimed at parents and families tends to leave out the issue of disability.

The full report of DPN's report, 'It shouldn't be down to luck', is available at There is also a summary of findings.

A shorter, printed version (also available on tape) can be ordered from: The National Centre for Disabled Parents, Unit F9, 89-93 Fonthill Rd, London, N4 3JH. (Please send £4 in stamps to cover postage and handling)

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