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Carers Still Missing Out, Says Survey

Jun 5, 2003
Multiple Sclerosis Society

Steps taken by successive governments to help carers are not working, says the charity Carers UK. Fewer than one in three has had their needs assessed and nearly one in six of those who have are receiving no additional help.

Nearly 1,700 carers responded to a survey. Of those who had not received an assessment, almost half had not been told it was their right and a third were unaware of the purpose. One in four felt there was no point in being assessed because they would get no extra services.

Carers UK chief executive, Diana Whitworth said, "This is totally unacceptable given the fact that without carers looking after their relatives, the NHS and social care would grind to a halt."

The Department of Health pointed out that the proportion of carers seen within a month of asking for an assessment was rising and the proportion of assessments leading to increased services had also increased. It said carers' issues "continue to be a priority on the government's agenda."

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