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Interferon beta but not glatiramer acetate therapy aggravates headaches in MS

Neurology 2002;59:636-639
W. Pöllmann, MD, L. -P. Erasmus, PhD, W. Feneberg, MD, F. Then Bergh, MD and A. Straube, MD
From the Marianne–Strauss–Klinik (Drs. Pöllmann, Erasmus, and Feneberg), Berg; the Department of Neuroimmunology (Dr. Then Bergh), University of Munich; and the Department of Neurology (Dr. Straube), University of Munich, Klinikum Grosshadern, Germany.

Type and frequency of headaches during immunomodulatory therapy in MS were determined in 167 consecutive patients.

In a prospective group of 65 patients beginning interferon beta therapy, headache frequency and duration increased in 18% of all and in 35% of patients with pre-existing headache by more than 50% during the first 6 months.

In two retrospective groups, increased headache frequency was reported by 34% of 53 patients on interferon beta, but by only 6% of 49 patients during at least 6 months of glatiramer acetate therapy.

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