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Livedo-like dermatitis (Nicolau's syndrome) after injection of Copolymer-1 (Glatiramer acetate)

Rev Neurol (Paris) 2003 May;159(5 Pt 1):571-3
Gaudez C, Regnier S, Aractingi S, Heinzlef O.
Service de Dermatologie.

We report the first case of a 33-year-old woman with multiple sclerosis, who developed a livedo-like dermatitis after injection of Copolymer-1.

This disease is characterized by the development of acute violent pain during or immediatly after injection, and a livedo-like plaque followed by necrosis corresponding to an arterial ischemia by vasospasm or thrombosis.

Early treatment with vasoactive and anticoagulation agents is required.

Surgery may be necessary.