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Still in love after so much pain

June 2, 2003 12:20
Suffolk Evening Star

A loving Felixstowe couple have proved they are still completely in love after 40 years despite some very difficult years and a serious illness.

Brenda Rumsey, nee Haggar, 60, wore her original wedding dress from forty years earlier which still fitted when she renewed her vows to husband Peter in the back at their home in Elizabeth Way.

Around 30 guests watched the couple exchange new rings at the ceremony performed by David Geatchers, leader of the River of Life Church, on Sunday.

Before the day Mrs Rumsey said: "The day will be very special to us. It will be like a fairy story as we separated some time ago but fell in love again."

"Our Christian faith as helped us through our difficulties over the years. We were meant to be together"

Mr Rumsey, 64, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 19 years ago and suffered a major stroke nine years later.

Although he can go out in a wheel chair on special occasions, the 64-year-old is almost entirely bed-ridden. He is now staying at the Mill Lane Nursing Home in Garrison Lane.

Mrs Rumsey added: "It will be the first time he has been back to this house in 3 or 4 years."

Her husband had worked as a fork-life truck driver for British Fermentations at Felixstowe Docks for 18 before he contracted the disease. His wife cared for him for at home for 6 years

The couple last renewed their vows ten years ago to the day, after a period of two years separation. When Mr Rumsey became ill the couple found things difficult and eventually went their separate ways. They stayed in touch however, and later fell in love again.

Mrs Rumsey said that the stroke turned her husband into a lovely, more romantic man who is so content and happy with life even though his is severely ill.

Their four sons, Ian; 39, Paul; 37, Facha; 31 and Adam; 26, watched the ceremony along with one of their five-year-old grandson Christian. Granddaughter Nicole, 14, was on holiday so could not be there.

Mr Rumsey is from Ipswich, but Mrs Rumsey was brought up at Wix in Essex. The couple met when one of Mrs Rumsey's cousins from Ipswich introduced them and were engaged within two months. They married at Wix Church in 1963.

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