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More MS news articles for June 2003

Sexual problems and pregnancy issues

The MS Trust run a programme of chatroom events, allowing members of the public to ask questions directly of specialists in MS.

If you would like a reminder of forthcoming sessions a few weeks before they happen, please send your email address to Simon Webster

The next MS Trust expert chatroom session:

Monday 23 June 2002
Sexual problems and pregnancy issues

The experts will be:
Kate Watkiss, MS specialist nurse
Nicki Ward, MS specialist nurse
Patricia Allen, urology specialist nurse
Sandy Burnfield, retired psychologist with personal experience of MS

Details of how to join the chat will appear here on the day of the session.

Transcripts of previous sessions

3 March 2003
Complementary therapies and diet in MS

Jill Brookes, acupuncturist
Bernice Chiswell, dietician
Tom Whitmarsh, homoeopatic doctor
Jill Lovell, 'informed consumer'

Sadly, the chatroom software let us down and, while the session itself was very busy and covered a great deal of ground, the transcript was not recorded. We are thus unable to make this available for this session. We apologise for this gap in our coverage.

Jill Brookes, Tom Whitmarsh and Jill Lovell have all previously written articles for our newsletter. Bernice Chiswell will be writing on diet and MS for the next issue of Open Door. To read the articles, click on their highlighted names.

To be placed on the mailing list for Open Door, send your postal address to

Jill Lovell also regularly posts to the mspeople_uk discussion list

3 December 2002
approaches to general health and well-being that can help people living with MS.

Megan Burgess, MS specialist nurse
Jenny Craig, physiotherapist
Michelle Ennis, occupational therapist
Gail Townsend, occupational therapist

3 September 2002
Wheelchair issues

Denise Middleton, MS clinical specialist occupational therapist
Liz Betts, physiotherapist
16 April 2002

Sally Atkinson, physiotherapist
Kim Gandy, MS specialist nurse
Miriam May, occupational therapist
13 February 2002
Beta interferon, glatiramer acetate (Copaxone) and the Department of Health’s scheme to extend access to these drugs
Nicola Russell, Director of Services, MS Trust
Phyllis Scullion, MS Specialist Nurse
Professor Alan Thompson, National Hospital of Neurology & Neurosurgery, London
24 April 2001
Lou Jarrett, Clinical Nurse Specialist - Spasticity at the National Hospital, Queen Square, London
Mike Barnes, Professor of Neurological Rehabilitation at the University of Newcastle

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