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In honor of a caring woman

Wednesday, June 4, 2003
By Anthony Schinella / Staff Writer
The Winchester Star

Saturday morning was a special day for one Madison Avenue West family.

The Trevetts spent the morning having a yard sale and lemonade stand in their driveway to raise money for the Patricia Raynes Jackson Fund, in honor of Jennifer Trevett's mother, who devoted her life caring for others.

Jackson was a nurse for many years who struggled with multiple sclerosis for most of her life. She eventually had to retire from nursing because of the disease but did continue with her volunteer efforts and even created a free newsletter to reach out to others with the disease.

Jackson passed away last January.

In her memory, Trevett established the fund which will be used to renovate the in-patient nursing station at Mount Desert Island Hospital in Bar Harbor, Maine where she once worked.

"The nurses at the hospital have designed all aspects of the renovation," Trevett said. "It will be a great honor to my mother."

The family hopes to raise $50,000 for the nurses station which is part of a complete renovation of the hospital located in the heart of Acadia National Park. The hospital is the only health care facility on the island which serves nearly three million visitors to Arcadia each year.

The idea to have a yard sale and lemonade stand to start things off came from the Trevett's 6-year-old daughter, Morgan. After that, Trevett said, other family members and friends started to donate items to the sale and help out with the event. Morgan, who is a Lincoln Elementary School student, said having a lemonade stand was just her way of helping out.

"We were thinking it might be a good thing to sell," she said shyly.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is not the easiest situation to live with.

But Trevett said her friends and family have helped her through her mother's death and by helping to build the nurses' station to honor her mother.

"It's amazing how many of our friends have helped us through this," she said. "It's a great town."

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