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The causes and treatments

Christine Doyle takes a look at the psychological and physical problems that can result in erectile dysfunction

June 17, 2003
Christine Doyle
Daily Telegraph

What are the potential causes?


Up to 75 per cent of cases have a physical rather than psychological cause.


Performance anxiety, guilt and depression. If the sufferer has early-morning erections and is able to masturbate successfully, the cause is most likely to be psychological.

How can impotence be treated?


Monthly prescriptions have more than doubled since March 2000 to 27,568 last month. Side effects of anti-impotence drugs include nausea, vomiting, flushing and dizziness.


A last resort where disease or injury has led to major damage. Implants and inflatable penile prostheses are basically fluid-filled, flexible cylinders. The surgeon also inserts a discreet hand pump into one testicle.

Improving general health

Stopping smoking, losing weight and cutting back on alcohol can all help.

Alternative remedies

"There are many herbal remedies and supplements advertised, but no widely accepted evidence that they work," says Mr Whittlestone. With some, there could be a large placebo effect and he would not discount that. Ginkgo biloba, said to stimulate circulation, and ginseng, a stimulant, are among the most popular.

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