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MS Victim's Dope Chocs

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Jun 20, 2003
Bob Dow
Daily Record

A MULTIPLE sclerosis sufferer yesterday told a court she developed chocolates containing cannabis to help others struck by the illness.

Biz Ivol also told how she started smoking the drug to ease her pain.

The wheelchair-bound 55-year-old described the pain of her condition as being like "having barbed wire going through my spine".

A trial heard she turned to cannabis after her former GP had recommended it.

A long list of legal drugs had failed and some caused "horrific" side effects.

Biz, of South Ronaldsay, Orkney, denies possessing, cultivating and supplying cannabis.

She told Kirkwall Sheriff Court she developed "special Belgian chocolates" and cannabis "patches".

She came up with the idea after agreeing to help a non-smoking MS sufferer.

She said: "He did not smoke and that's how the chocolate came about."

Police later raided her own home and went to a house in Fife where she had sent some chocolates.

She said: "I do not know how it got out about the cannabis chocolate."

The court heard that Ivol's day-to-day life had become almost unbearable due to the onset of her condition.

She explained: "At the moment, I feel like somebody is pulling barbed wire through my spine."

The court was told how Ivol eventually began smoking one cannabis joint a night to ease her pain.

She added: "When you find something that alleviates the symptoms, you go for it.

"It was either cannabis or nothing. I tried everything else and nothing worked."

The trial was adjourned until next month.

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