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New Drug Considered Promising Against Multiple Sclerosis

Doctors Say Treatment Effective In 95 Percent Of Patients

10:18 a.m. EDT June 19, 2003

Doctors are making headway on treating multiple sclerosis, which is not only disabling but also incurable.

NewsChannel5's Alicia Booth reported that there is a very high rate of MS in northeast Ohio, so any advance in treatment is important.

There is a study currently under way for a new drug called Campath 1-H, which targets destructive white blood cells.

Doctors said the drug is promising and desperately needed.

"We have the chance to stop the disease in its tracks and prevent disability at five, 10, 20, or 25 years down the road," said Dr. Daniel Jacobs, a neurologist.

A small study has shown the drug to be effective in 95 percent of the MS patients who took it.

The drug company said there is not a trial currently scheduled for Cleveland -- the closest one is in Detroit. But that could change when researchers move into phase three of the trial.

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