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Ventricular Function Decreased In Multiple Sclerosis

By Robert Short
A DGReview of :"Decrease in heart ventricular ejection fraction during multiple sclerosis"
European Journal of Neurology

There is a decrease in heart ventricular ejection fraction in patients with multiple sclerosis, possibly due to the autonomic impairment associated with the disease.

Dr Stephane Olindo, Department of Neurology, CHU G et R Laennec, Nates, France, studied 40 patients with active definite multiple sclerosis using radionuclide angiocardiography to study ventricular ejection fractions at rest. Patients had the disease for a mean of about eight years. Eighteen patients had relapsing-remitting disease and 22 had secondary progressive disease. A control group of 40 patients, free of neurological and cardiovascular disease, was also studied.

"A statistically significant decrease of right and left ventricular ejection fractions was found in multiple-sclerosis patients as compared with control subjects," said Dr Olindo.

The radionuclide angiocardiography revealed pathological results for right, left and both ventricular ejection fractions in 25 percent of multiple sclerosis patients.

Dr Olindo said, " Autonomic impairment, which frequently occurs in multiple sclerosis patients, may have accounted for the decrease in ventricular ejection fractions. Further physiological studies are required to determine factors responsible for the decrease of ventricular ejection fractions in multiple sclerosis."

European Journal of Neurology 2002;9(3):287. "Decrease in heart ventricular ejection fraction during multiple sclerosis"

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