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Potente Draws Blue Print

1:16pm ET on 5-June-2002

German actress Franka Potente told SCI FI Wire that her next movie, a German-language SF drama called Blue Print, explores the issue of cloning in the story of a pianist who has multiple sclerosis. "It's set in the near future, and she has the idea of secretly cloning a daughter with the exact same talent [but not the disease], so I play the mother and the daughter," Potente (Run Lola Run) said in an interview.

Potente added, "It's the love-and-hate story between these two women, who are like one person [split] into two halves that are so different, but linked somehow. They have the same talent, and they look alike, but there are little things here and there that are slightly different. It's more the personality. The daughter is a hateful character, because she doesn't love herself. She thinks nobody loves her, they only love the mother in her."

Potente promised that the film would question the moral issues surrounding the science of cloning. "We raise the question of what can you clone and what can't you clone? What if you cloned a person, what would that person feel like? Does the person have a soul? Does the person have her own identity or not?" Blue Print begins filming in July for three months.

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