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MS couple's misery over double yellow lines

Jun 4 2002
Catrin Williams, The Western Mail

DISAPPEARING and reappearing double yellow lines are making life a misery for a couple battling multiple sclerosis.

Richard and Katrina Weston, who have three children, are subject to a disabled badge holder's three-hour limit if they want to park their car outside their specially-converted home in Pencoed, near Bridgend.

But when they moved in eight years ago there were no lines out-side.

"Within the year, the council had painted double yellow lines on the road," said wheelchair-user Mrs Weston, 38.

"We kept parking on them because we were assured they were a temporary measure while a nearby street was converted from a crossroads to a T-junction.

"Then the council repainted the lines but stopped them short of our house and put a proper stop marker in place."

Believing that the end of the matter, the couple spent £30,000 on a full disabled conversion for their home with the aid of a council grant.

Mr Weston, 36, who works at Cardiff International Airport, said, "Shortly afterwards workmen came back and put yellow lines outside our house again.

"To make matters worse they moved the bus stop five yards so it is directly opposite our home and makes parking more dangerous."

He says he would not have pumped so much money into the house, which has no driveway, had he known.

"Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis myself was really the icing on the cake," said Mr Weston.

A spokesman for Bridgend County Council said the lines had been extended to curb the road's accident toll and no objections to the proposals had been received.

The spokesman said, "While we fully sympathise with the personal circumstances of the Westons, it is not considered to be in the best interests of general public safety to remove the double yellow lines.

"However the council is investigating the possibility of providing a disabled parking bay once funding becomes available."

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