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Review Of Multiple Sclerosis Treatments

MMW Fortschr Med 2002 May 6;Suppl 2:52-7
Voltz R, Goebels N, Jarius S, Hohlfeld R.
Institut fur Klin. Neuroimmunologie, Klinikum Grosshadern der LMU Munchen.

The standard treatment for acute multiple sclerosis relapses continues to be the intravenous administration of high-dose methylprednisolone.

For prophylactic purposes, immunomodulatory therapy with interferon beta or glatiramer acetate, immunoglobulins or azathioprine.

Studies have shown that interferon beta not only reduces the frequency of relapses by one-third, but also significantly delays the second relapse, provided it is administrated early, that is, immediately following the first relapse.

The reduction in the patient's quality of life caused by the illness can be appreciably improved by a whole series of symptomatic treatments.

The ideal situation is a cooperative effort by an interdisciplinary team.