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Temperature Reduction Helps Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis

May 31, 2002
Nursing Standard

Use of a cooling suit can reduce fatigue in people with multiple sclerosis (MS), Swedish researchers claim.

Fatigue, which is one of the most disabling symptoms of MS, often increases in a warm environment. The researchers recruited eight people with MS to test a suit that cools the head and upper body, reducing core temperature by between 0.1 and 1 deg C. The suits were used for four weeks. All participants reported a reduction in fatigue during the trial period.

Self-assessment using the fatigue impact scale showed reductions in the physical, cognitive and psychosocial impact of fatigue compared with baseline. Fatigue was experienced less often and for shorter periods. The authors say that the cooling suit is practical, gives freedom and flexibility and can be used in any setting.

Flensner G, Lindencrona C (2002) The cooling suit: case studies of its influence on fatigue among eight individuals with multiple sclerosis. Journal of Advanced Nursing. 37, 6, 541-550.
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