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Disabled Americans still confront major barriers

Associated Press- June 13, 2001

WASHINGTON (AP) - Disabled Americans still lag far behind others in graduation rates, employment, home ownership and computer use, a federal report concluded Wednesday.

The barriers are especially acute for disabled students, the National Council on Disability reported. All states are out of compliance - to some degree - with a federal law guaranteeing public education to the disabled in the least restrictive setting, the council said.

A year ago, the independent government agency concluded the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act was not being enforced aggressively enough by federal agencies. The updated report said disabled Americans "still confront major barriers of discrimination and suffer the consequences of weak federal enforcement."

The council reported:

The report noted that President Bush, during his campaign speeches, called for greatly expanded resources for the disabled, including technology assistance, high-quality education, innovative transportation programs and strong enforcement of the disabilities law.

The law prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities and requires that they have access to transportation and other public accommodations.

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