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Ditropan XL Helps MS Patients with Neurogenic Bladder

FaxWatch Inc.- June 9, 2001

Treatment with Ditropan XL (oxybutynin) may ease urinary problems in multiple sclerosis patients with neurogenic bladder, a disorder in which the nerves are unable to carry messages to the brain telling it when the bladder is full, according to new data.

The 12-week study included 40 patients with MS who reported complaints indicating neurogenic bladder.

Following a seven-day washout period, subjects recorded episodes of urinary difficulties, including the inability to control urination, for three days.

Patients initially received doses of 10 milligrams of Ditropan XL in the first week. Doses were then escalated by 5 mg in weekly intervals to a maximum of 30 mg.

Researchers found that patients had clinical improvement with decreased urinary frequency and incontinence episodes when dosing was increased to 15 mg or 20 mg.

“Controlled-release oxybutynin is safe and effective in MS patients with neurogenic bladder,” the investigators concluded. “The onset of clinical efficacy occurs within one week.”

The data was presented at the annual meeting of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers.

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