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National Organizations Understate U.S. Disease Totals; Zogby International

Poll Highlights Higher Number of U.S. Households Impacted

LOS ANGELES, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- (Associated Television News/Zogby International)  The number of Americans impacted by diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Hodgkin's and Lupus is far higher than the numbers claimed by national organizations.  In a poll conducted by Zogby International, a respected national polling firm, respondents were asked if anyone in their household has been impacted by one of the above-mentioned diseases.  The results demonstrate a dramatic understatement in the number of individuals impacted by these diseases.

Disease Zogby Poll Afflicted nat'l organiz.
Multiple Sclerosis 2.8% 2.87 million 350,000
Parkinson's 5.2% 5.33 million 1.5 million
Hodgkin's 1.1% 1.13 million unavailable
Lupus 4.4% 4.51 million 1.5 million

"There is no question that Zogby International is one of the most prestigious and reliable polling firms in America and that our poll numbers are correct.  People are not likely to be deceptive in their response that someone in their household is afflicted with one of these diseases and these diseases are not readily confused with other diseases.  The Zogby poll numbers suggest that Congress should increase the amount of federal funding eightfold for Multiple Sclerosis research, quadruple the funding for Lupus, and triple the amount of federal funding for Parkinson's," stated Brad O'Leary, president Associated Television News.