Multiple Sclerosis News for June 2000

28th Jun 2000:   Amer. w/Disabilities-Political Survey

28th Jun 2000:   Paraplegic Scales Mt. Rainier

28th Jun 2000:   PWMS/Row Cycle Bike Tour

27th Jun 2000:   Rocky Mtn MS Center

27th Jun 2000:   Annette Funicello/Natl. Enquirer

27th Jun 2000:   Nutrient Study

25th Jun 2000:   Wider role for bone marrow transplant

25th Jun 2000:   MS patients denied talks

25th Jun 2000:   Should the NHS provide MS drug?

25th Jun 2000:   MS Totals Underestimated

24th Jun 2000:   Rewiring The Brain

23rd Jun 2000:   NICE To Review Procedures

22nd Jun 2000:  Press Release from NICE

22nd Jun 2000:  MS drug will not be taken away

21st Jun 2000:   MS patients denied drug

21st Jun 2000:   MS drug too costly for health service

21st Jun 2000:   MS drug to be put beyond reach of NHS patients

21st Jun 2000:   MS Sufferers May Be Denied Drug

19th Jun 2000:   MS Father of the Year

19th Jun 2000:   Virtual Reality Tour for Disabled

14th Jun 2000:   NMSS on 4 Diseases Theory

14th Jun 2000:   $1M Gift/MS Society/Fathers Day

12th Jun 2000:   Article by PWMS

12th Jun 2000:   Trail Ride for MS

11th Jun 2000:   Human Antibodies Promote Remyelination in A Mouse Model of MS

11th Jun 2000:   Tevas MS Drug Recommended for UK Regulatory Approval

11th Jun 2000:   Enzyme Transfection Via Antibody Protects Neurons From Oxidative Injury

8th Jun 2000:     Caution about use of herbal products

7th Jun 2000:     "Patch" for Severed Nerves

7th Jun 2000:     Web Site/Disability & Excercise

7th Jun 2000:     Adult Children/Parents wMS

7th Jun 2000:     Med MJ/State Unable to do Research

6th Jun 2000:     Gene Therapy/Brain

6th Jun 2000:     Chemo/Australia

6th Jun 2000:     Mayo/Repairing Myelin Sheath

5th Jun 2000:     MS Possibly Several Different Disorders

2nd Jun 2000:    Brain Heal Thyself

2nd Jun 2000:    More on Brain Heal Thyself

2nd Jun 2000:    Voice Recognition Software

2nd Jun 2000:    Insurance Drug Costs

2nd Jun 2000:    Indifference to Health Care Quality

2nd Jun 2000:    Copaxone OK'd in UK

1st Jun 2000:     Adult Stem Cells

1st Jun 2000:     Canine Assistants Program

1st Jun 2000:     Med MJ/Maine

1st Jun 2000:     CNS Nerve Regeneration