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This turns out to be basically an advertisement.  But if you hit on the website listed, there is some interesting research summmarized.

"Latest Discovery In Immune System Research Has Scientists Thrilled!"

 DALLAS, TX -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 06/24/99 -- A study conducted at the University of Buffalo, New York released on April 29, 1999 stated that plant sterols reduce the number of breast cancer cells grown in a laboratory by 66%, compared to controls. The leading researcher Atif Awad, Ph.D. from the University of Buffalo presented these findings at the annual meeting of the Federation of American Societies of
Experimental Biology.

Many of today's major medical disorders such as cancer, HIV, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and allergies have been directly linked to a deteriorating immune system. Doctors have identified over 80 immune disorders ranging from skin and joint conditions to vital organs. The Facts:
2,221,800 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed in 1999. Arthritis affects more than 40 million Americans, or almost 1 out of 7. 25% of the American population suffers from allergies.

Late breaking research on immune dysfunction has focused on a treatment alternative in which the active ingredient is a derivative of the African potato plant. These molecules, identified as sterols and sterolins, have recently been the subject of more than 100 studies published in medical journals internationally. Sterols and sterolins are defined as plant lipid molecules that literally "kick start" the immune system and help the body fight infection.

Scientists have concluded that a specially formulated ratio of plant sterols and sterolins have an amazing effect on the modulation of T- cells both in vitro and in vivo by enhancing their cellular division. Thus far, the results have led to positive restoration of disconcerted immune systems, and exceptional recoveries.

In an article authored by Patrick Bouic and published by the Medical Control Council of South Africa in September 1997, the results of an open trial on 80 HIV patients was recorded. Sterols and sterolins were given to patients over a three year period with clinical monitoring every three months. The results were that the CD4 lymphocyte counts remained stable over 27 months with no significant declines.

"...immune system discovery..."

Prof. P Bouic has done work at Tygerberg Hospital with rheumatoid arthritis patients and has shown that sterols and sterolins inhibit the synthesis and release of factors which induce inflammation. In addition, the enhancement of the T helper cells assists in immune modulation.

Some further research quotes:

Atif Awad, Ph.D. - University of Buffalo, New York
"Plant sterols appear to play a role in inhibiting the growth of human prostate cancer cells."

Prof. Patrick Bouic - University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
"We are therefore able to control the disease by preventing the damage caused by the inflammation, but more importantly, we are able to reverse the immune abnormality at the site of the disease."

Professor Ben Smit - Head of Oncology at Tygerberg Hospital, South Africa
"The use of plant sterols and sterolins indicate it seems to slow down the growth of certain types of cancer. Cancer sufferers also found it lessens the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea and it boosts the immune system."

Professor Patrick Bouic - University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
"The preliminary findings suggest an important role for plant sterols and sterolins in the multistage treatment of HIV."

Dozens of other studies have been performed and similar excellent results were achieved. You can find more information about plant sterols and sterolins at, or by calling 800-613-4322.

Only two companies worldwide provide a product containing a sterol and sterolin mixture. Sportron International, Inc., a Dallas, Texas based company, has developed a patent-pending formula with a plant sterol ratio closest to its occurrence in nature.

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