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Emotional Aspects of MS

July, 2004
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society

In addition to its physical symptoms, MS can have a profound effect on one's emotions. People can have painful feelings about the disease as well as mood changes caused by the disease. Education, support, a healthy lifestyle, and medications and professional help when necessary, can make all the difference.

Common Emotional Reactions

Regardless of the kind of MS a person develops, emotional reactions are likely to be similar. Some emotions are...


People with MS should be aware that depression is common during the course of the disease.

Depression: An overview
Depression and MS

Depression: My Story

"The combination of medication and counseling helped me regain some control in my life and begin accepting my new reality."

Depression does not indicate weak character and it should not be considered something shameful that needs to be hidden.

Special Emotional Stress of MS

In addition to the emotional stresses that apply to anyone with a chronic illness, there are some characteristics of MS that create special emotional burdens. They include...

Emotions and Your Family

The person with MS is not the only person in the family and circle of friends who must adjust to a changed situation.

Family therapy can provide useful strategies for understanding and coping with emotional responses.

What You Can Do

Here are some points that contribute to successful living with MS...

Current Funded Research

Early detection of neuropsychological and psychiatric symptom in multiple sclerosis” (Laura J. Julian, PhD) Determining the presence of cognitive and emotional symptoms early in the course of MS, to improve their detection and treatment

Mindfulness-based stress management for people with MS and their caregivers” (Michael J. Baime, MD) Examining the effects of a stress reduction strategies in people with MS and their caregivers

Mood dysfunction in MS: immunologic correlation and immunotherapy” (Toni M. Bauman, MD) Receiving training on the proper ways to conduct clinical treatment trials in MS

Older individuals with MS: factors related to adjustment” (Terry Dilorenzo, PhD) Investigating the impact of aging on quality of life in individuals with MS

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