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I've had to run away from my wild child, 13

Social workers ignore disabled mum's pleas

Jul 29 2003
Marcello Mega
Daily Record

A DISABLED woman has run away from home because she can't cope with her wayward 13-year-old daughter.

Wheelchair-bound Elaine Nesbitt took the drastic step after social workers refused her plea for respite care.

The 35-year-old multiple sclerosis sufferer's catalogue of health problems include diabetes, epilepsy, asthma and a kidney complaint.

She said she had struggled to look after Natasha, who often stays out all night and has come home covered in love bites.

But her pleas for one weekend's respite care a month were turned down by social workers who said they could only act in a "desperate case".

Elaine has now fled her home in Leith, Edinburgh, and has been staying with friends. The mum, who has already tried to kill herself with an insulin overdose, said she was again thinking of suicide.

Elaine explained: "I love Natasha very much, but she does what she likes, when she likes and I can't get her to follow the normal rules.

"She's been brought home by the police more than once, so when she's out I just sit up waiting.

"There's no shortage of men to take advantage of vulnerable kids who think they know it all."

Yesterday, Elaine admitted she had run away to force social workers to make arrangements for Natasha, who has been placed with special needs carers.

Elaine now has an appointment with Edinburgh's social work department to discuss Natasha's future.

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