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No increased risk of MS for nurses

July 3, 2003
Boston Cure Project

A group of Danish researchers recently reported that the prevalence of MS in nurses in their country is no greater than that found in the general population. Nurses with MS were identified by linking the data contained in the Danish MS Register (DMSR), which is estimated to be 90% complete, and the Nurse Registry, which includes all nurses registered since 1980. A total of 60 nurses with MS were found, compared with the expected number of 69.

These findings should help allay any fears among nurses in general that nursing-specific occupational exposures increase the risk of MS (although greater risk may be faced by nurses employed in particular specialities, such as nurse anesthesiologists as suggested by a different study). This study also suggests that nurses are representative of people with MS as a whole, at least in terms of risk, and therefore supports the use of large cohorts of nurses in MS studies.

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