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NIH Research Threatened

Act Now to Support NIH Funding

July 9, 2003

NEED FOR ACTION: FY’04 funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is in danger. Following the FY ’99 -’03 NIH budget doubling effort, NIH is facing its lowest budget increase in years. The House Appropriations Committee has approved an FY ’04 NIH appropriation of $27.7 billion. The Senate Appropriations Committee has approved NIH funding at $27.9 billion.

The Society is calling on Congress to maintain its commitment to biomedical research by funding NIH at $30 billion in FY'04.

The Society is very concerned that the current House and Senate funding levels will impede the momentum of the doubling effort and threaten the stability of the medical research enterprise. Many believe there is hope the full Senate will provide a larger NIH increase; the Senate is expected to vote on NIH funding very soon.


Call your Senators immediately and ask them to:

INSTRUCTIONS: If you do not know who your Senators are, you may call the US Capitol switchboard at the number above or call your county or municipal clerk.

If you have further questions, feel free to call the Washington Public Policy Office at 202-408-1500.

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