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New law gives disabled more freedom to work, earn

July 2, 2003
By Chris Andrews
Lansing State Journal

Thousands of people with disabilities will have the opportunity to work more, earn more and save more without losing Medicaid benefits, under legislation Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed Wednesday.

People with disabilities have been advocating for the program for years.

"It's a momentous act," said Marsha Moers of East Lansing, who has multiple sclerosis and stands to benefit from the legislation.

The program is expected to take effect by Jan. 1.

Medical care, including personal assistance, is a critical issue to people with disabilities.

Advocacy groups say Michigan's system of cutting people with disabilities from Medicaid once their incomes exceed $22,450 a year has been a barrier to employment and independence.

The legislation sets up a sliding scale for people on disabilities with higher incomes to pay a portion of the Medicaid premium to maintain coverage.

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