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A mutated CCR5 gene may have favorable prognostic implications in MS

Neurology. 2003 Jul 22;61(2):238-40
Kantor R, Bakhanashvili M, Achiron A.
Division of Infectious Diseases (Drs. Kantor and Bakhanashvili) and Multiple Sclerosis Center (Dr. Achiron), Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, Israel.

The authors investigated the association between Delta32CCR5, a mutated allele of the chemokine receptor CCR5, and disease progression in 256 patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).

The mutated allele frequency in the study cohort was 7.4%, similar to that reported in the general Israeli population.

Progression to disability was prolonged in Delta32CCR5 homozygotes and heterozygotes compared with MS patients with the CCR5 wild-type genotype (p < 0.005).

Mutated CCR5 allele may be considered a favorable prognostic factor in MS.