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Cannabis protest targets Westminster

Thu 10 Jul 2003
John Ross
The Scotsman

SUPPORTERS of the cannabis campaigner Biz Ivol staged a protest at Westminster yesterday to back moves to legalise the drug for medicinal use.

Mrs Ivol, a multiple sclerosis sufferer from South Ronaldsay, Orkney, left hospital at the weekend after a suicide attempt. Yesterday’s protest was led by Chris Baldwin, who also suffers from MS and is a pioneer of cannabis cafés in Sussex. He had bail restrictions lifted to allow him to visit Mrs Ivol last week.

A petition supporting Mrs Ivol, drawn up by the Legalise Cannabis Alliance, has been signed by more than 1,200 people. Mrs Ivol, who is wheelchair-bound, went on trial facing charges of cultivating, possessing and supplying cannabis. The charges referred to cannabis-laced chocolates she admitted sending to other MS sufferers.

However, the Crown dropped the case because of her medical condition. She attempted to take her own life the next morning and has vowed to try again.

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